Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Everyday Natural looking makeup♥

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Monday, December 20, 2010

Kiss beauty paris
18 colour luxe eyeshadow palette

It is an 18 colour eyeshadow pallette and i found it really good,its  shimmery eye shadows which is great.
i  just bought it from a drug store in india,they told it was imported so thought to give it a try,
Things which i liked is tht it can be used both dry and also wet, i love the way when it is used wet,the colour looks really vibrant and has a mettalic effect

 And ya it is double moisturizer with aloe vera and vitamin E in it,it is a super cool pallete

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Some personal favorite cardigan's  from Forever 21.com..
Striped Knit Sweater Cardigan 

Multi Knit Open Cardi$24.80

Bold Stripe Sweater

Cable Striped Top
Winter Wonderland Sweater Cardigan
Embellished Sweater Cardigan
Knit Open Cardigan

Pattern Striped Sweater Cardigan

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Recipe scrapbook

I love cooking,so thought of making a cute book to note down my recipes ,yes i have got inspired from other youtubers,and made my own way ..just have a look

Hand Embroidery : French Knot

Hand Embroidery: Laisy Daisy stitch

Spicy Chicken curry Indian style (part 2)

Spicy Chicken curry Indian style (part 1)

Hand Embroidery: Chain stitch

Hand Embroidery: Running stitch

Halloween ghost -»♥« |-|¡»♥« nail art tutorial

Just tried to do one halloween ghost nail art ,hope u will like it..

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Vaseline Lip Care Rosy Glow: Review

I just recently bought this Vaseline Lip Care Rosy Glow, i was really surprised to see when i opened the tube,like is it a lip balm nor a lip gloss ...yes a new product from Vaseline which has a dual purpose of a lip balm and a lip gloss.
It comes in a cute tube
The flavor is strawberry frost ,and i just felt like having it.When its applied it makes us feel chill on our lips and the best part is , i can use it everyday as it serves as a lip balm and a lip gloss.Its MRP is rs.60/- .kudos!!!